In 6 minutes and in Plowman222's own voice; What Truckers4Truckers is all about.

Bobby “Plowman-222” Keough

My name is Bobby “Plowman-222” Keough. I have been a Professional Driver for over 20 years. I have hauled anything and everything so needless to say, I know the trucking industry like the back of my truck.

In November of 2014, due to health problems, I could no longer earn my living as a driver, and the series of events that followed inspired me to find the solution to the BIGGEST problem in the trucking industry today.

Driver Compensation.

Great, but you may be asking yourself . . . “What does a truck driver know about financial planning and wealth creation?” I’ll tell you . .

After my first five years in trucking, and this should come as no surprise, I had to find a better way to feed my family. So I took a break from trucking, and in January of 1994 I became a stockbroker. Within the first year I realized that there was something seriously wrong about Wall Street . . . starting with how Banks, Corporations and the Wealthy invest their money versus how they tell US we should invest ours.

For example: You won’t find THEIR money invested in IRA’s, 401K’s and Mutual Funds. THEY make billions of dollars in revenue…and pay little to no taxes.

In 2002, after eight years of deep digging into Wall Street, I went back OTR feeling very much like Henry Ford did when he said:

“If the American People understood how the monetary and banking system in this country really worked, there would be a revolution in the streets before tomorrow morning.”

Henry Ford


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